Engineering Services

Engineering Design & Services provides onsite consulting and offshore CAD / CAM development services. Specializing in enterprise CAD / CAM development and Enterprise Engineering Integration Services, Engineering Design & Services provides total life-cycle support for both onsite and offshore projects. Our US – based onsite Consultants, provide comprehensive on-site support while the major CAD / CAM engineering development work is done at the Offshore Development Centre in India.

The Engineering Design & Services business model adopts a true CAD/ CAM engineering factory approach. Our onsite operations are backed by a pool of on-site consultants who provide high-level design and project development support. They are, in turn backed by the Offshore Development Center that executes offshore projects and also provides a 24 x 7 technical support desk.

Engineering Design & Services provides a range of CAD / CAM Services on Unix, Solaris and NT platforms. Using established methodologies and tools, covering the entire project cycle from designing to development and testing of projects from its development facility.

Embedded Systems and Platform Services:

Engineering Processes:

Mechanical Engineering:

Manufacturing Engineering Services:

Automotive: Automotive engineers design, develop, test and build domestic motor vehicles, racing cars and motorbikes. They also work on improving components like engines, electronics and aerodynamics.

Three main areas - Design, Development and Production:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

Product life cycle management (PLM) at a conceptual level deals with optimization of ‘creation’ processes for product / services or design of production processes, across enterprise. Challenges in the ‘creation’ processes that drive the design of a robust PLM strategy and implementation are: