Energy Utilities

The strategic environment in the energy and utilities industry had forced the development of IT organizations separate from the business functions of the company. In this current time of innovation and increased competitive pressures, different energy companies like Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste are looking to take advantage of their scale and align their IT and business functions to yield greater operational efficiencies and obtain greater value from their IT investments. Energy and utility companies are facing an unprecedented set of challenges, which threaten the existence of sustained competitive advantage. These new challenges are rooted with changes in customer behavior, competitive environment, regulations and market expectations. Falling stock prices are fueling expense cuts and value must now be created through new enterprises and better business processes.

Structural changes forced by the entry of new competitors and reduced loyalty from ever more knowledgeable customers add to the issues facing energy and utility companies. The energy and utilities industry continues to change dramatically in structure and numbers, influenced heavily by changes in regulations and continuing merger and acquisition activity. The growing demand for energy makes it critical to effectively address safe, reliable and efficient power delivery worldwide. To help utilities meet these needs, Miracle offers EMS, DMS and SCADA systems, mobile workforce management solutions, project intelligence, geographic information systems and smart metering/grid and work/asset/document management tools that streamline business processes and offer connectivity across the enterprise and beyond.