Corporate Training

The ELS vertical of Advance Software Tech-IIJT operates with a blended learning system that the company has found to be the most effective way to impart skills in the corporate sector. Using a mix of Satellite Enabled Training, Traditional class room training, remote labs and E-Learning with simulations & projects, as the training methodology. The biggest strength however is the ability to customize the training, both in terms of content as well as delivery methodology depending upon the unique requirements of each corporate.

Skill Development at the Corporate sector gives an added dimension to the companys endeavour to overhaul the skill eco-system of the Country - fixing the 3 Es - Education, Employability and Employment.

Our ELS team focuses specifically on organizations whose learning needs are complex, distributed and demand a tie-in to business metrics. We understand the multiple needs of large enterprises and recognize that no two are alike. We can meet the needs from a single source, with the facilities, resources and learning expertise to fully achieve Enterprises business goals.